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What Do You Really Want?

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2018! Today we are kicking-off 2018 with the #Essential31 series. This series features 31 questions you never ask yourself but you should!

#Essential 31: What do you really want most in your life right now?

Take a moment to peel back the layers of a goal you have right now and further ask yourself ... Why am I doing this? ... What do I really want to accomplish? ... What does success look like for me? ... How will I feel when I'm done?

Sometimes people get caught in a never-ending rat race of goals, only to find themselves still missing "something."  Everything you do should align to a personal value, mission, or purpose. Understanding what that "something" is can give clarity and meaning to the things we do or it can make us change directions and set goals that get us closer to what matters most.

So, I ask you ... when you close your eyes and think deeply about what matters most to you - what do you really want most in your life right now?

About #Essential31 

#Essential31 is all about you. Each question will challenge you to reconnect with yourself - your dreams, your goals, and your purpose. Write down your answers where you can see and acknowledge them daily. You will build a collection of personal stories that you can reflect on for the year to encourage you, empower you, and enable you day after day.